A brand workshop is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Here’s why.

Brands need three things to lead today.

  1. Emotional advantage: How your customers feel about your brand that they don’t feel about other brands.
  2. Distinctive advantage: How you do things that are uniquely compelling to those most important to your future.
  3. Connective advantage: How you create meaningful connections that are different from what others do.

The brand workshop we host at Outlaw is a facilitated, day-long workshop designed to help brands in all stages of growth gain a competitive advantage based on the requirements of market leadership today. 

Together, we create a strong foundation for your brand’s target customers, brand essence, brand purpose, brand personality, and brand goals.

The outcomes of a brand workshop include:

  • Gaining clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of your brand
  • Responding to competitive threats and market disruption
  • Shaping perceptions that the value of your products and services is high and unique
  • Gaining stakeholder consensus on what the brand stands for
  • Anchoring the brand culture with one ‘ownable’ point of difference
  • Educating stakeholders on the best practices in brand strategy and brand differentiation
  • Guiding internal and external communications in staying on brand
  • Building an emotional connection

Still not convinced? Well, here are five more things you can gain from a brand workshop.

Establish your brand purpose

Brand purpose can be the deciding factor as to why someone chooses your brand over another. Your brand purpose has to be authentic. This means customers need to believe your brand is true to itself, true to its customers, and it’s the genuine article – not pretending to be something it isn’t. 

Purpose-driven brands are powerful because they stand for something. We all search for meaning and significance in everything we do, and answering the question: “What is the purpose of our brand?” is your way to appeal to that basic human instinct. 

Just like people, companies need a purpose as they change and grow. Brand purpose helps everyone in the company understand what they’re trying to achieve and to give their best.

Establish your brand values

Brand values are what the company believes in and the way it operates and conducts itself. 

They provide guidance, direction, and support for everyone in the organisation, as to what is expected of them when working for and representing the company. 

They are the guiding pillars for all activities undertaken by the company and its employees.

Define your target audience

Defining consumers in the classifications of A B C1 C2 D E is no longer enough. You need to understand your target audience as people with personal tastes, preferences, beliefs, and aspirations. 

A far better way to get a true fix on your target audience is by creating consumer personas.

Make sure you hit your target.

Establish your brand positioning

Put simply, brand positioning is about positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. 

Brand positioning is also referred to as a positioning strategy, brand strategy, or a brand positioning statement. 

No brand exists in a vacuum and your competitors can define and position your brand, by strongly establishing who they are and what they stand for. 

By doing this they can squeeze you out of the territory you want to occupy.

We can help you to establish your brand position before your competitor does it for you.

Develop a brand book

Your brand book captures the essence of your brand. Your brand purpose, vision, mission, values, positioning, personality, and target audience. 

It enables you to differentiate your brand and achieve consistency in your internal and external communications. It’s important to remember that a brand book is pointless if employees don’t know about it, or if they don’t respect it. 

It should become the norm that new employees are informed about the brand book and asked to read it. It shouldn’t be confused with brand guidelines. 

If you don’t have in house designers or they don’t have the necessary experience of rebranding or producing brand guidelines, you should engage the services of a brand-building agency.

Book a brand workshop

Carrying out a brand workshop will help you to discover key insights into your brand. It should also identify brand attributes that need strengthening. If you need help, of any kind, to make sure the time and effort you put in deliver quality outputs, please reach out for a free chat.