How Your Business Can Bounce Back And Thrive

6 marketing ideas to inject some bouncebackability into your business. (Yes we may have completely made up that word, but we love it).

1. No silence, please

Don’t disappear, and don’t leave your audience hanging out to dry. People will remember the brands that showed up in hard times and this will enable you to win in the long run. We get it, times are tough, and you are looking for ways to cut your costs, perhaps you are completely overwhelmed with the situation, but please don’t stop adding value to your audience right now, they need you! And they will remember you for it.

2. Zig where others zag

When we speak about crisis marketing, we don’t mean piggy backing on the crisis at every opportunity. So that email you want to send to your email list with the subject line ‘Book your holiday within the next 24 hours and save a massive 10%’ is completely lazy and insensitive and will do more harm to your brand than good. Instead, put yourself in your customers shoes, they are currently stuck looking at four walls for the next few weeks, so what content can you create that will entertain, support, and resonate with them?

3. Build don’t sell

You will see a lot of companies ramp up their selling in times like this. The thing is, people don’t want your product or service plastered on their newsfeed right now, it’s not welcome and in times of stress, could agitate bad engagement with your brand. You have to be smarter. The only two things you should be focused on right now is entertaining your audience, and growing your audience. How can you add value to your audience? How can you give them more than ever before? If you are a personal trainer, how can you make virtual sessions so personalised that they feel you are in their living room. If you are a restaurant owner, grab an onion and a can of chopped tomatoes, set up the camera, inject some personality and show your customers an exciting alternative to a bowl of cornflakes. Just give!

4. Know who you are

The brands that explicitly know who they are and who the customers they seek to serve are, will be the ones that have the best chance of thriving in this crisis. Now is the perfect time to deep dive into your brand and really uncover what you stand for. In times of crisis, it is important to keep your tone of voice consistent, adapting it slightly to the sensitivity of the situation. First though, you need to ask yourself a few questions: What is your tone of voice? Why do customers buy from you? Who are your customers? What pain point do you solve for them? What do these customers need right now? How can you help? If your brand persona is ‘local’, ‘supportive’, ‘trusted expert’, or ‘customer centric’ then what can you do now to bring those to life?

5. Bring a project to life

Once you accept that the reality of your business has changed, and that in crisis also lies opportunity, then you can get to work on planning the future. You may have a new product or service you were looking to roll out to your customers, or a project sitting on the back burner that may hold enough clout to shift the needle of success in your favour, or perhaps it is time to diversify and create a new market for your brand. Whatever it is, now is as good a time as ever to bring it to life. The leaders that grow rather than shrink in this climate are those that will thrive in the new world we are moving into. Create some head space, get into you flow and give those ideas some space to breathe.

6. Be human

Brands need to be showing vulnerability and transparency during times like these. Rather than continue business as usual, brands should look to pivot and adjust their messaging according to the current climate. Customers want truth, they want emotion, and they want to see you doing your part. Your customers are not a piece of data, they are humans with hearts, minds and souls. How can you help them navigate this crisis?

If the recovery from coronavirus is similar to SARS, it is predicted that business should be back to normal by June. However, with the market as it is right now, make sure you show support to your customers, keep lines of communication open with them, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly, you will be in a strong position to keep your brand safe until then and into the future.

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