Its Time For You And Your Business To Thrive.

In times of market, cultural, or economic change, we have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Be it changing direction with our business, re-shuffling the priorities in our life, creating the space to work on our business rather than in it, or stepping up to be the leaders we were destined to be.

Regardless of what the opportunity is, in order to give yourself a fighting chance of playing the long game, you have to look after your own well being first.

We have compiled a few of our own ideas on how to create health, happiness and ultimately better performance for you and your business:

#1 Be the best version of you

Ensure you turn up everyday as the best version of you. It can be emotionally draining not only for yourself but for the people around you if you are continually operating from a low mood. We encourage you to find an activity in the morning that grounds you to your thoughts and feelings. A morning read, a stretchy yoga session, a still meditation, a walk, cycling or running in the fresh air are all ways in which allow you to spend time getting yourself in check, before you engage with anyone else.

Our good friend John Ross, Owner of CleanTEC and Fidra Luxury Travel, aims for a 5.30am start so that he can get in the right mindset before he starts to support his family and his team. Our Managing Director, Lee, goes a 6am walk while taking in his surroundings fully to awaken his senses. Whatever you do, focus on you first.

#2 Stay in touch

We are social beings that crave connection and as business owners we can give so much time and energy to our business that often we forget to connect with those that matter most. Isolation doesn’t have to mean no connection, and actually it is the perfect time to rekindle some meaningful connections with loved ones and friends. Next time you are making a call, try making it a video call. Don’t underestimate the value of seeing people’s eyes and faces as well as hearing their voice. You just have to get a little creative, we suggest scheduling a time this weekend with a couple of your mates for a beer and a quiz.

#3 Experiment with your cooking

We have heard it a hundred times before, but it’s true…eating well is good for our mental and physical health. If you want to be good, you have to practice healthy habits. Start by ensuring you always have colour on your plate, experiment with colour from vegetables, fruits and pulses. This will allow you to be able to provide your body with a large amount of the nutrition it requires. If you’re stuck for a meal, look to a cookbook for inspiration and bring out your creativity – nobody says you have to follow the recipe exactly.  We challenge you to cook or try a new ingredient each week.

#4 Find stillness for creativity

Creative thinking requires space and time to develop, the best ideas come to us when we find stillness. Being out in nature is a really great place to find stillness, you probably know yourself when you are outside the mind calms and your thoughts flow, problems can be resolved more easily, and ideas ping to the forefront or your mind allowing you to think outside the box. Now because life is busy, we suggest you write down your ideas, this will allow you to expand on them or ditch them accordingly. We believe this should be made a priority on your to do list – ‘find space for creative thinking’.

#5 Keep a routine

As most of us are now homebound it’s important to keep a routine. We all have habits that when combined, form our daily routine.  When planned out well you will have a structure to help manage your time, allowing you to be in control, and ensuring you are as productive as you can be.  An easy starter for habit building is to wake up at the same time every morning and go to bed at the same time every evening. Having a clear-cut off, separating work and home tasks can be extremely powerful, especially in the current climate. Prioritising tasks into time slots and formalising them in a diary will give you more of a chance of getting them done. What new habits are you forming during Covid-19?

#6 Exercise

feeling good about yourself, physical exercise raises your heart and energy levels naturally. It improves your memory, attention span and physical wellbeing. Working out indoors is becoming a new norm and one we highly recommend – HITT classes in your living room, yoga in the bedroom, 5minute burners sprinting up the staircase and using milk bottles as your weights. Try not to use lockdown as a reason not to exercise, flip your thinking and see it as an opportunity to build a new positive habit.

#7 Spend more time in your heart space

Don’t judge until you have tried it! Spend some time each day consciously breathing. As you feel each inhale and exhale, don’t just “focus on the breath,” as we are often taught to do. Make sure to direct attention to your heart center itself, as if all of your energy were resting there. Then listen. This is one of the first and most powerful things that Lee does on a daily basis to navigate stress and adversity. Through being mindful of his own heart space, you can begin to recognise old energy patterns, creating space for new ones, and over time you can rewire your thoughts and behaviors. When you lead from the heart, powerful shifts can begin to happen. And as a bonus, the world is calling our for more leaders that are operating from the heart.

#8 Reframe the situation

How we interpret our emotions is largely down to how they’re framed – in other words, the context. While talking about his 2017 book Happy, Derren Brown gives the example of a tennis player going into a match thinking “I must win”. When they set an expectation that winning is everything, if they start to lose, they feel like an abject failure.

The player who goes into a match thinking “I will play the best I can”, however, believes that they are less hurt by losing, so long as they are doing their best. The signs of failure are interpreted differently by both players based on the expectations that they set for themselves.

Think about how you can apply this in your daily life: can each moment or day be about doing the best you can in a stressful situation, rather than focusing on an outcome out of your control?

#9 A mindset for a magnificent life

The traffic seems like a problem, until the car breaks down, until you break your ankle and you can’t drive, until you lose your job, until Coronavirus emerges, until your life is at risk. What if you could reframe your response to the events in your life, and instead of seeing them as a burden, see them as a gift. With so much going on in the world, so much injustice, so much wrong doing, when you use contrast to bring yourself back to reality you realise that your biggest problem right now, is a problem that someone less fortunate would jump to have as their reality. Can you embrace the good with the bad and use what life throws your way, to live a more fulfilled life? This one was inspired by Tony Robbins podcast:

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