Video production, photography, strategy & Facebook advertising.

Development of a marketing strategy with a goal of  300 active monthly members.

This boutique fitness studio, delivers uncompromised quality coaching, and it was critical that the marketing assets reflected this. We combined beautiful imagery, with crisp videography, to give us the necessary assets to deliver the organic and paid Facebook strategy that lead to a huge increase in ROI and membership conversions.

Once we had installed the necessary conversion trackers we were able to create highly targeted custom audiences for retargeting, and worked closely with the brand to ensure that every part of the sales funnel was optimised for conversion. A key part of this was conveying the benefits of Level Ten in a clear, concise & captivating way through copywriting and cinematic video.

On a recurring basis we consult the coaches on content creation to ensure that the organic and user generated content that is being used for social media remains in-line with the business values and connects with the target audience in the most efficient way.

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