Outlaw Social is supporting businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

When we decided to write this blog post we wondered what the best angle was. Nobody likes a humblebrag, right? Or a brag-brag.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown us into a world we once only saw in movies.

Business goals have changed, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing.

We’re humbled to be supporting clients through the pandemic-induced closure of businesses and events.

By navigating the business impact of coronavirus, we’ve been able to adapt to new normals and help clients stay engaged with their customers during a time of worry and uncertainty.

The exciting part for the Outlaw Social team is that our dedication to providing value has helped us to thrive and grow with new and existing clients.

The journey to agility starts now

Today’s business owners are faced with overwhelming challenges through uncharted waters. The priority for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic so far has been to focus on the ‘now’. This means:

  • Engaging with their audience
  • Supporting their customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Delivering responses to business disruptions and closures

In an effort to stabilise revenue streams, the most important thing for business owners to do is to take care of customers, reshape and align their business with the evolving needs of customers, and find new ways for growth.

Moving forward, business owners must turn their attention to the ‘next’. As we face the potential of a pandemic-induced recession, we face a time of unpredictability and new competitive threats.

What follows is unlikely to be a return to pre-COVID business practices, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. The team at Outlaw Social is expecting the unexpected and supporting businesses to embrace a new path towards growth.

A new chapter of cultural norms, societal values, and consumer behaviours await. This is likely to include increased demand for responsible business practices and a renewed purpose for brand value.

The reopening of businesses will require a degree of reinvention and this presents a great opportunity for companies to embrace systems they wish they had invested in before. These include digital technologies, data-driven practices, agile operations, and robust marketing strategies.

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It all might seem a little daunting, but we’re on-hand to help you navigate new strategies and optimise your online content. Drop us an email to chat.

Why Outlaw Social has seen growth

Through connection and collaboration, we’ve helped brands continue to be relevant and engaging to their customers. This has been possible through a number of ways, including:

  • Social media management
  • Campaign management
  • Sensitive content pieces
  • Blog articles and newsletters

Many businesses have used this as an opportunity to optimise their websites and create more robust marketing strategies.

We’re focusing on creating plans and strategies that are not only fit-for-purpose today but capable of evolving as the global health and economic environment changes. 

This has allowed businesses to establish a human-centred, systems-minded approach that promotes shared resilience. What does this mean? Well, authentic, human content is sure to win the race as we adjust to the new normals.

One of the main areas of growth has been shown through our team’s ability to connect businesses with changing consumer habits and mindsets. Examples of this include:

  • Continuing to support a business in the travel industry through blog posts, social media management, and ongoing creation of a new website
  • Helping online retail clients to solve marketing and fulfilment challenges and support rapid change
  • Continuing to support businesses in the home improvement sector through website optimisation, newsletter campaigns, keyword analysis, and social media management
  • Continuing to support small, family-owned businesses through ongoing content management and monthly reporting
  • Continuing to support the wider community of business owners through the creation of a free 12-part webinar series

We are helping businesses to build the resources they need to seize new opportunities and continue their journey to growth. By doing so, they’re turning massive challenges into meaningful changes.

Providing value to clients is helping us to thrive as a team and business.

A story of persistence

Outlaw Social was started in 2018 by Lee Fitzpatrick, then aged 28. As a bootstrapped business with customers at its heart, Outlaw Social creates a ‘family’ feel for employees, clients, and the wider community.

Since 2018, the business has continually grown and is seeing over 359% increase in monthly turnover since this point last year.

Lee’s story with Outlaw Social is one of ongoing success, but that hasn’t always been the case for him.

Starting his first business at 18 years old, Lee saw quick success. The interior development business that he started grew to around eight members of staff and saw an annual turnover of £600,000.

The business came to a sad end due to a bad debtor and a lack of available working capital.

At age 23, bankrupt and depressed, Lee struggled under the weight of debt and failure. As a result, his mental health suffered and he reached a point of feeling suicidal.

After a year of feeling guilty for his failings, Lee took some time to rebalance and recover. This took him on a journey of personal development and mindset changes. 

This time of personal clarity led Lee to open a gym facility with two business partners. 

However, after two years of running the centre, Lee decided that the industry wasn’t for him and handed over his shares to his two business partners.

The gym, named Level Ten Fitness, is still in business to this day in Midlothian, Edinburgh. 

In between all of this, Lee teamed up with Victoria Bradley to create a company called Muscle-Cake. The business focused on protein-based brownies being delivered straight to customers’ homes. Sadly, the business didn’t scale up and was closed before being brought to market.

From interior developer to baker to personal trainer, Lee started to notice a trend. He said:

“After almost a decade of trial and error, I realised that my real passion and skillset lay in building brands and helping businesses grow.”

And so, in 2018 Outlaw Social was born. 

The business continues to grow as does its in-house team. Through care, value, and dedication, Outlaw Social has been able to help business owners navigate these troubling times.

When it’s safe, the team at Outlaw Social are excited to move into their new office at the RBS Accelerator Hub in Edinburgh.

Just like Lee’s story, most businesses will see failures and successes. The goal is to find opportunities in the failures and strengths in the successes.

The primary focus for Outlaw Social is to provide businesses with innovative digital marketing solutions that provide a transparent and measurable return on investment. We know that every business is unique and no one-size-fits-all. We work closely with all of our clients to build, improve, and grow their businesses.
In these uncertain times, we want to help you focus on the ‘now’ and plan a strategy for the ‘next’.