Customer discovery, brand positioning, campaign delivery, social media management.

£150,000 sales, £2,000 spend, 90-days. We worked with the management team at Rollo Developments, to conceptualise their brand and refine their offering. Our undertaking was focused around customer discovery and brand positioning, working closely with the MD on an audience workshop, so that we could fully understand what the typical “Rollo customer” looked like.

The results were incredible, allowing us to deploy highly targeted, organic & paid marketing campaigns, which in turn led to increased ROI and a period of significant growth in the business.

“Once we fully understood our customer demographic, it became clear that they valued us for quality, luxury, trust & our project management, and this knowledge allowed us to create a brand that really connected with our customers on an emotional level”.

Key deliverables included:

  • £150,000 revenue generated from an Ad spend of £2000
  • Single post reach of 75,000 and 850 shares
  • Increased customer loyalty and brand stickiness
  • Facebook followers increase of 2000 to 5500 in 3 months

We continue to work closely with the team on asset creation, social media and sales strategy.

"At Rollo Developments we pride ourself on our online presence as over 50% of our work generated is through an online platform whether that be Facebook, instagram or google etc. As one of Outlaw Socials first clients we took a chance on them but wow they impressed. The fact all the work they do is measurable and easily tracked made it easy to see the ROI. Outlaw social are easy to work with and they make the whole process fun and would highly recommend them to any business big or small. "
Sean Rollo
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