Collaboration with clients when it comes to developing a brand is absolutely key. You understand the granular detail of your business, and it’s our job to convey that immaculately in a brand presence that your customers will connect with instantly.

In a workshop (preferably in person) we will learn more about what you do, why you do it and who you want to reach. From there, the ball falls into our court, as we conduct further research to really understand your market and customer. This is an incredibly fun and engaging part of the process, and a critical one to ensuring success.

You understand your business. So it’s important that you inform the creation of your brand.

Brand Name, Logo & toolkit

We work with you to arrive at a brand name that is effective & unique and communicates clearly your values & proposition to your audience. Already have a name? We then work with you to develop your brand mark that highlights your personality, reflected in a visual high-five to your customer. After this we build out your tone of voice, messaging and visual style, and after this highly interactive process you are presented with a brand toolkit that confirms how your brand should be communicated for maximum impact across all mediums. From colour palette, to visual devices, brand typography and photography treatments.

Together we design a visual language that’s is unique to your business and allows you to rise from the crowd.

Asset Creation and Brand application

Once you have your brand nailed, the next step is applying it correctly on the channels by which you interact with your audience. We help you with the design of digital & print assets that you can use to apply your brand in a consistent and powerful manner. We love this part, and can also lend a helping hand with brand strategy. (It’s the kinda thing that get’s us up very early in the morning)

Personal Brand

We work with business owners on strategy and the practical steps to position them as industry leaders and experts in a way that gets their message heard by their target audience.

Services include overall strategy design, podcast training, PR, content creation, and everything else required to let your skills shine.

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