Messenger Marketing

For some of our campaigns, messenger marketing can be a highly interactive and personal way to engage with customers and prospects. Whether you want to build a warm mailing list, reward local customers with in-app loyalty schemes or Increase the life time value of customers we can develop bespoke messenger marketing sequences that will accelerate your growth.

A few examples of what our custom messenger marketing flows can achieve:

  • Answers FAQs on your Facebook page
  • Act as a booking and appointment reminder system
  • Intuitively navigate people through different services based on their needs
  • Replace ITISON or GROUPON style offers and cuts out the middle man
  • Reward local customers with in-app loyalty schemes
  • Remind people about upcoming events - all automated!
  • Increase LTV of customers & spend per head

Try our demo bots that we have built for multiple industry examples:

We build relationships and drive performance.

Case study - Sun Inn

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