Brand and Website Audit

Clarify your brand and get more visitors to your site with our step by step improvement process.

Brand Personas, Style Guide & OKRs

All marketing projects start with brand personas and a brand style guide to ensure consistency across the board and a solid focus on the target audience. As well as clear objectives and key results to work from.

What’s included?

Producing a foundational brand style guide including brand colour palette and typeface, tone of voice, brand personas & archetypes. Also includes setting clear smart goals in the form of OKRs to measure the project’s progress.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Researching keywords and targeting competitor content gaps will help to improve organic visibility. including Google Analytics and GSC review. Applying the same research rules to social content.

What’s included?

A deep piece of keyword and competitor research identifying what your site already ranks for, related terms it should be ranking for and keyword gaps that are filled by competition.

SEO & CRO Audit:

Assessing your website for how it can be improved to optimise organic search engine visibility and conversion rate is the next key step to success.

What’s included?

We review your site from a search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) perspective. SEO drives more prospects to your website while CRO improves their conversion once on-site. Including full competitor analysis and the production of a prioritised strategy for on-site SEO, content and CRO improvements.

On-Site Optimisation

Existing web pages with the highest potential for impact are optimised for SEO and CRO using your keywords research and competitor content gap analysis.

What’s included?

Using the keywords research and competitor analysis to fully optimise the meta titles and descriptions, alt tags and image titles, headings and body copy on the website’s top 25 organic landing pages.

 Content Strategy & Creation

Using your keywords research and competitor analysis to create a full content strategy to improve the site’s organic visibility.

Design & Development

New strategic visual content is then created if appropriate for your particular website.

What’s included?

Using the information gathered from our research and the learnings from your current website limitations our design, development and content teams will then get to work on giving your website a design facelift.