Outlaw by name, Outlaw by nature.

We are a digital marketing and visual content agency, based in Edinburgh, that has decided to do things a little differently.

Our fresh, lean & energetic approach to digital marketing is wrapped in an easy to digest 90-day bundle. Our unique sprints keep your marketing efforts focused, your financial commitments fixed, and your results tangible. 

No fluff. No ticking boxes. No retainers. Ever.

Most digital agencies will promise you the world, but we are not like most digital agencies. Consider us the anti-social agency. 

Instead we LISTEN with precision to your needs, focus in on a specific business challenge, and work at ‘Usain Bolt’ speed to deliver measurable results over a focused 90-day sprint.

Unconventionally bold.

A small agency with a big heart. We believe that bold gets rewarded, that the world belongs to those who go against the grain, those removed from the box of conventional thinking.

Fugitives to normal. A law unto ourselves. Comrades to brave businesses with big ideas.

We are


You start to notice that your cleaner has lost their shine, your accountant becomes less responsive to emails, and your personal trainer looks less interested in your results and more interested in their phone… It happens every day across all industries. 

Digital marketing agencies are no different. Creativity can stifle, and a once energetic approach can become a tick box exercise. 

We learned this lesson the hard way! We fell right into the mundane mousetrap ourselves and tried to ‘fit in’ but after 9 months on the hamster wheel, it became clear that we were all going to die of stress or boredom. 

That’s why we took the bold move to build the anti-retainer agency. We decided that average results are not good enough and that monthly retainers are not conducive to happy clients or happy employees.


Before we begin your 90-day campaign, we work with you over a period of 30-days to onboard you and prepare your business for growth.

Think of it as the warm-up before the big race.

30-days of interactive conversation, deep digging and brainstorming with your key stakeholders, giving us the crucial information needed to make your campaign a success.

When it comes to your sprint, there will be NO false starts. 


We believe that 90-days is the sweet spot to delivering a marketing campaign with tangible results. 

It’s the optimal quantity of time to forecast success and deliver. It allows Outlaw Social to move quickly without compromising the overall business strategy. It also allows our team to deploy laser-like focus and perform at their creative best.

And after each 90-day campaign, we get together with each client, assess their next most pressing challenge and can deploy a brand new strategy focused specifically on their new business need.

Because let’s be honest, in business the goal posts move fast.

The best bit?

It all can start with a coffee. Some of our best conversations & business relationships have been born over a brew. If you’d like to discover how we can develop a winning 90-day sprint for your business, drop us a line, and let’s make it a date.

Virtual coffees are also cool, our clients are global, so we’re always free to have a chat on the phone too.

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