Web design // copywriting
social media strategy
messenger bot & marketing strategy

When Wild Boar Bathrooms were recommended to us by a mutual contact, they had a business which was growing, but had no digital presence at all (well, apart from a landing page).

As you know, this was an opportunity for us to flex our digital and content muscles, and after a very successful and energetic discovery session with the Owner Mark, we were delighted to get our teeth stuck into a 90-day brand awareness and digital launch campaign.

The Wild Boar brand is all about fun, personality, and quality, and it was important that we developed these brand values across all digital platforms. As Mark said Outlaw took the time to understand my business and project it on the Social Media platforms exactly as I wanted. I’m Delighted!”

For this reason, content was the most important focus for us throughout the campaign, ensuring that every website page, and social post was properly researched, crafted, and scrutinised to portray the brand personality in a clear and energetic way. 

Once the client was confident with our ability to understand the brand, we got to work deploying the campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and through the new WordPress website, paying particular attention to the small details; such as tailored outreach to prospects to grow the business’s following, carefully selected Instagram story polls with segmented follow up, and promotions with hand picked partners that complimented the brand, such as The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company.

The new WordPress website, was first and foremost a digital brochure to allow visitors to visualise the range of products available, but of equal importance was the ability for visitors to capture the essence of the brand, and it’s personality, which we were able to achieve through the careful selection of visual assets (photography & video), weaving them with clear and concise copywriting that allows visitors to get to know the business. 

In addition to our content, there were technical aspects that allowed us to pull the campaigns together, such as awareness Facebook ads, Lead generation, and the set up and management of a messenger bot to welcome social visitors and nurture them with their initial interaction with the business.

Key campaign deliverables:

  • Website design and development 
  • Creation of social channels and deployment of a social media content plan 
  • Key partnerships & promotions 
  • Messenger Bot automation 
  • Aesthetic Instagram Feed 
  • Copywriting
What our client had to say:
1.) Why did you decide to engage with a digital marketing company?

I felt the business was at a stage where we had to  bring it to life and promote it to the world, giving our customers the opportunity to get to know our brand before they meet us in person.  

2.) What were the reasons that you chose to work with Outlaw Social?

Outlaw Social were highly recommended by a friend of mine Mark Denhom (IES Electrical)

3.) How would you describe the experience?

10/10 (A man of few words)

4.) Tell us a bit more about what Outlaw Social did for you and the problem they solved?

Outlaw took time to understand my business and project it on the Social Media platforms exactly as I wanted it.

5.) Are you happy with the results?

I am delighted with the results

6.) What were the highlights?

The highlights are the Instagram feed, which I love and the final outcome of the Website. Also dealing with Outlaw in general as it’s in my opinion a very high service that they provide.

7.) Would you engage our services again?

I would 100% use Outlaw again and will use them again.

8.) Would you recommend us to other business owners?

I would and will recommend Outlaw to everyone I know.

9.) Why does Wild Boar exist and how has digital marketing helped you?

It brings Wild Boar to life and sends the message on what we’re about and gives a really professional feel.

10.) What’s next for Wild Boar bathrooms?

Grow the business and build with the addition of staff.